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Awards & Achievements - 2017

National Medical Excellence Award

National Outstanding Clinician Award


The National Medical Excellence Awards is a national-level award to recognise outstanding clinicians and healthcare professionals who made outstanding contributions in the advancement of healthcare, improvement in standards of patient safety and quality of care, which ultimately improve people’s lives.

The National Outstanding Clinician Award recognises individuals with at least 15 years of service in public of private healthcare establishments, with exceptional contributions to clinical work that advances the safety and quality of patient care, and in addition has supported and facilitated research.  The recipients have also successfully introduced novel or effective treatment methods resulting in high standard of quality healthcare delivery and are recognized by their peers as being master clinicians.


Professor Christopher Cheng

National Day Award 

The Singapore National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore.


  1. Mr Richard Thong Soo Li, Director, Operations

  2. Mr Thomas Kwan Serh Shong, Senior Manager
    Service Quality

  3. Ms Ang Seok Khim, Senior Nurse Manager
    Anaesthesia Unit

  4. Ms Gurmet Kaur d/o Gitale Singh, Senior Staff Nurse I

  5. Mr Ashoka Kumar s/o Porsid Nath, Principal Enrolled Nurse

  6. Ms T Annie Pereira, Nurse Clinician I
    Ward 11

Healthcare Humanity Award


The Healthcare Humanity Awards recognises exemplary healthcare professionals who go beyond the call of duty to help others. It honours healthcare workers that exhibit compassion, selflessness and extraordinary dedication to people both locally and beyond our shores.


  1. Ms Moarie Grace Tan, Nurse Clinician
    Operating Theatre

  2. Ms Murniyati Bte Rapsen, Nurse Clinician I
    Ward 5

MOH Nurses Merit Award


The Nurses’ Merit Award is given to nurses who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding performance for the past three years, participated in professional development, and have made contributions to promote the nursing profession. Nurses are nominated for the award by their healthcare institutions and selected by a panel set up by the Ministry of Health (MOH).


  1. Ms Low Siew Ching, Senior Nurse Educator
    Nursing Education

SingHealth Doctors and Dentists Long Service Award

This award recognises the dedication of doctors who dedicated their life to patients, Public Service and SingHealth for 10, 20, 30 years and more. 

Awardee(s) for 20 Years of Service 

  1. Dr Lee Mui Hua Jean, Senior Consultant
    Emergency Medicine

Awardee(s) for 10 Years of Service 

  1. Dr Charn Tze Choong, Associate Consultant

  2. Dr Low Sher Guan, Consultant
    Family Medicine

  3. Dr Puneet Seth, Consultant
    Emergency Medicine

Awardee(s) for Distinguished Senior Clinician Award

  1. Assoc Prof Koo Wen Hsin, Chairman, Division of Medicine 
    Chief Executive Office

SingHealth Excellence Award

ss 2017.jpg

The winners of the SingHealth Excellence Award/GCEO Excellence Award have demonstrated how we must use our abilities and opportunities to the fullest and have that open-mindedness and courage to challenge the norm.

SingHealth Excellence Awardee(s)

Distinguished Young Leader Award

  1. Assoc Prof Chew Min Hoe, Senior Consultant and Head
    Department of Surgery

Distinguished Young Researcher Award

  1. Dr Tan Jianhong Winson, Associate Consultant
    Department of Surgery

GCEO Excellence Awardee(s)

Outstanding Clinician Award

  1. Assoc Prof Wong Merng Koon, Senior Consultant and Head 
    Orthopedic Surgery
Outstanding Nurse Award

  1. Ms Yip Lai Fong, Nurse Clinician I
    Acute Care Clinic

Outstanding Allied Health Professional Award 

  1. Mr Tan Shiow Pin, Senior Manager

Outstanding Ancillary Staff Award

  1. Ms Hadijah Binte Abu Samah, Clinical Coding Specialist
    Health Information Management System

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award

  1. Ms Tan Pei Pei Agnes, Manager
    Human Resource Management

SingHealth Quality Service Award

shqsq 2017.jpg

Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) is a nationwide platform to honour healthcare professionals who have demonstrated remarkable commitment in delivering quality care and excellent service. It is also a platform to appreciate individuals and teams from public, community and private healthcare institutions for their quality service efforts which have made a difference in the lives of patients.

162 Silver
12 Gold

Ms Dianah Bte Abdul Rahman
Principal Enrolled Nurse
Outpatient Clinic J
Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Merit Award for enrolled nurses
Tan Siew Choo
Senior Nurse Manager
Ward 14  (ICU)
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Ahmad Khairil Bin Mohamed Jamil
Assistant Nurse Clinician
Acute Care Clinic
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Saphietussahrah Bte Rabini
Principal Enrolled Nurse
Central Sterile Supplies Unit
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Muhammad Afiq Bin Punangin
Staff Nurse I
Nursing Holding
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Galampanao Herlene Joy Gamino 
Enrolled Nurse I
Acute Care Clinic
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Ho Thi Huyen Ngan
Staff Nurse II
Acute Care Clinic
SingHealth Nursing Awards
Quek Soo Wen
Senior Staff Nurse I
Ward 11
SingHealth Chief Nurse & Director of Nursing Award
Low Siew Ching
Senior Nurse Educator
Nursing Education
Nurses' Merit Award