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Meet Hilmi, our hospital porter team leader, who like many others are on the frontlines in the fight against Covid-19. Although their role may not be immediately visible, our porters play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of our hospital, especially during this period.

They might not be the first group of people that would cross your mind when you think of frontline healthcare heroes. But to us, they are all part of the patients' care and recovery journey just the same.

Our porters spend every day of their working life with patients. They carry out many important duties around our hospital, often working tirelessly in the background and putting their heart, mind, soul and strength into everything that they do.

Tengku Hilmi Bin Tengku Abdul Kadir
Porter, Team Leader

Proud to be a porter

When I was informed that the patient I had assisted in transferring to the isolation ward was diagnosed with Covid-19, I was neither worried nor scared.  I have been mentally prepared and calm as I have been trained to handle patients with infectious diseases such as Ebola and Tuberculosis.

I was well aware that I was protected as I had donned the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when managing these cases.  After the patient was discharged and I accompanied him to the taxi stand, I was relieved that he had recovered and could return to his normal life.

Nobody likes being sick, and that's why we're here to help. I felt encouraged and honoured that I am part of the patient's recovery journey.