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Our ambulance crew are at the frontline, providing both emergency response and patient transfer, saving lives while putting their own at risk, especially during this Covid-19 period.  As highly trained healthcare frontliners, they not only lend their expertise and knowledge during critical moments but also provide reassurance, confidence and comfort to patients and their loved ones. Their resilience, dedication and passion towards saving lives are inspiring.

Meet our ambulance crew, Rosman Bin Abdul Karim, who shares what is it like being there for people who require urgent interventions and providing the day-to-day lifesaving services.

Life on the frontline of our ambulance crew

When I was activated to transfer a suspected Covid-19 paediatric case to another hospital, the first thought that flashed through my mind? My wife and our 1-year-old daughter.

I was anxious and hesitant. Reading about the increasing number of cases worldwide scared me - that I would be one of them. I was in a dilemma. But that didn't stop me and my crew.

My fellow paramedic and I immediately donned our personal protective equipment (PPE) and safely transferred our patient and his mother to the designated hospital.

Being a parent myself, I could imagine how worried the patient's mother must have been. During the journey, we tried to comfort her to make her feel better. While on the frontline, always remember that our loved ones are waiting for us at home. Take the necessary precautions and follow guidelines to minimize the risk of infection and to keep them safe.