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Bringing Specialty Care Closer to Residents

 Sengkang General Hospital brings holistic healthcare and
 greater convenience to residents in the north-east with a
 comprehensive   suite of clinical specialties and medical
 services, including those   from SingHealth's national
 specialty  centres.

 With the opening of SKH, residents of Sengkang and its   surrounding neighbourhoods are enjoying convenient access
 to a comprehensive suite of clinical and medical services 
 covering major healthcare disciplines. Residents are
 benefitting from the coordinated, team-based care provided by
 SKH's team of clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

The SKH Medical Centre which houses the specialist clinics also serves as a hub for national speciality centres in the north-east, complementing its suite of specialist care services. These national specialty care services are being offered by National Cancer Centre Singapore, National Heart Centre Singapore, Singapore National Eye Centre, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, National Dental Centre Singapore, and National Neuroscience Institute, allowing residents in the north-east to gain access to these services nearer their homes.

With SKH's collaboration with national specialty centres, patients continuing their consultations or treatments for eye and heart conditions, like cataracts and heart disease for instance, need not travel far for follow-up appointments. They can have their medical conditions reviewed and tests conducted at the same time at SKH.

Consistent level of expertise and care but closer to home.

SKH collaborates with these specialty centres to offer specialty services at our Medical Centre.

• NCCS Oncology @ SKH

• NHCS Cardiology @ SKH

• SNEC Eye Clinic @ SKH

• Obstetrics and Gynaecology by KKH

• Paediatrics by KKH

• Dental by NDCS

• Neuroscience by NNI