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Same Day Admission

Before Surgery

You will receive an auto-generated text message one working day before your scheduled surgery to inform on the arrival time. 

On the Day of Surgery 

Please bring along all required documents and report to Surgery on 2 or Surgery on 3. You will need to get a queue number from the Queue Kiosk before registering at the Registration Counter.

After registration, you will be received by our nurse, who will then conduct an assessment on your medical and surgical history, carry out necessary checks and interventions. The nurse will then advise you to change into a comfortable patient gown. Please do not bring excessive or bulky belongings. Your accompanying next of kin would be advised to keep your belongings for you while you are in your surgery. If you are unaccompanied, your personal belongings will be kept in the department for safekeeping.

After Surgery

You will be transferred to the allocated bed in the ward for further monitoring and treatment. If your personal belongings are kept in Surgery on 2 or Surgery on 3, they will be returned to you in the ward.