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Preparing for Colonoscopy

What is Colonoscopy?

This is a special test using a flexible tube to look at the internal lining of the colon and rectum, It also allows biopsies to be taken.

Your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy examination if you have symptoms suggesting possible problem in the colon or rectum. Some symptoms include bleeding, change in your bowel habits, unexplained abdominal symptoms. Colonoscopy is also used to monitor patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and for follow-up of patients with history of colon cancer or polyp.



The bowel must first be thoroughly cleaned before a colonoscopy. This is done either the day before or the same morning as your colonoscopy. You will be asked to drink medication that would make you have diarrhea to pass out all the stools inside.


What to Bring

Please bring along the following in their original form:

  • Admission Authorisation Form
  • NRIC / Birth Certificate if under 15 years old / Work Permit / Passport (if you are a foreigner)

If you are a civil servant or Singapore Armed Forces personnel, please bring along:

  • Civil Service Card (CSC) or
  • Medical Benefits Identification Memo (MBIM)

If your employer provides medical coverage for hospitalisation, please bring along:

  • Hospitalisation Identity Card or
  • Letter of Guarantee

If you are holding a work permit/employment pass, please bring along:

  • Valid work pass
  • CPF membership card, if applicable
  • Letter from employer, if applicable

If you are using Medisave to pay for your hospitalisation, the Medisave account holder should bring his/her NRIC

If you are a blood donor or nominee, please bring you Blood Donor/Blood Donor Nominee Card