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The Mind-Body Link

Mental health is more deeply connected to physical health than most people think. For example, illnesses like stroke or hypothyroidism can cause depression. Amputees may also go through a period of grief as they lose "a part of themselves" and come to terms with their new body. 

This is why the team of psychiatrists at the Mind & Body Integration Clinic at SKH Medical Centre works hand in hand with colleagues in other departments, including occupational therapists, psychologists and medical social workers to manage complicated cases towards a more positive outcome.


SKH Campus opens its doors to serve the north-east community

Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) will open progressively from 18 August 2018, and Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH) from 28 August 2018. The SKH Campus will offer a comprehensive suite of specialist care, inpatient and rehabilitation services. 

Millennia Kids Challenge 2018
Nov 3 Sat
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Millennia Kids Challenge 2018
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