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Meet Grateful Patients

​Meet Madam Ong

"My husband and I were very worried and stressed initially, but when I heard that I could get help from the SKH Better Health Fund to pay for the items, we were very relieved! It may not be a very big sum of money to many people, but to us, it was a huge help." 

Madam Ong, SKH Patient

Madam Ong was taking her children to the Residents' Committee Centre near her house when she accidentally fell into a small drain and broke a bone in her foot.  She did not worry about the pain because her biggest concern was not being able to work and the impact it would have on her family. 

As both her husband and her are both cleaners, they don't earn much normally. Due to her injury, she was forced to stop work for six weeks of medical leave with no salary. Hence this affects her finance.  The doctor advised her to wear an air cast boot and special tubular bandage to relieve the swelling in her ankle and this would help Madam Ong to heal faster. It cost her $210 and her husband income could only cover their daily living expenses.

That was when she received help from SKH Better Health Fund. With this fund, she was able to do her physiotherapy sessions to help her foot recover and also be independent at home so her husband didn't need to stop work to look after her.

After six weeks, Madam Ong's foot healed and she was able to go back to her previous job. She felt happy and relieved to be back at work, supporting her family again.

More refreshed to keep up with life

"I work as a delivery driver, supporting my wife, two children and a disabled sister-in-law. I have been living with Obstructive Sleep Apnea since 2013 but due to financial difficulties, I couldn't start on the therapy and my sleep quality worsened. I was always fatigued and faced difficulty focusing at work. Thankfully in 2018, through SKH Better Health Fund, I was able to purchase a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to start on my treatment. With the CPAP therapy, I now feel more refreshed and better equipped to keep up with day-to-day living" 

Mr P*, Patient-In-Need

Living day to day got easier 

"My mum lives with me, my wife and our seven young children. I am her only child and the family's sole breadwinner. We struggle to live day by day with the little income we have. In 2018, my mum's kidney started to fail and she had to undergo interim dialysis three times a week at a dialysis centre. As she is wheelchair-bound, she depended on taxis to take her to these sessions. Luckily, we were able to tap the SKH Better Health Fund to cover her transport. Thanks to the fund, my financial worries have been eased, and my mum is able to get her treatment regularly."

Mr K*, Caregiver of Patient-In-Need