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SKH Orchestrating Your Health Care

Today, it is common for patients to come in with not just one, but a whole suite of medical conditions. A patient could end up with varying sets of advice and prescriptions from different specialists and sub-specialists, each being an expert in their field. Instead of solving the patient's problem, too many different perspectives can end up like clashing notes in a music score. The patient is left wondering, "Should I take all of the medicines? What should I focus on first? How is my heart related to my kidneys?" 

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Connected For
Better Care

From subsidised check-ups to closer health monitoring and more, the SingHealth Regional Primary Care Network (PCN) helps you and your family doctor better manage chronic illnesses. As diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions barrel their way through Singapore's ageing population, general practitioners are in unison on one thing. They want to do more, and do better. And now, they truly can go the extra mile for patients, with help from the SingHealth Regional PCN.

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Sporty Friday
Jan 18 Fri
Sporty Friday
SKH Campus (open space beside Polar cafe)