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The SKH Story

Officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 23 March 2019, the SKH Campus which comprises Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) and Sengkang Community Hospital supports the healthcare needs of residents in northeast Singapore. Our opening represented the culmination of years of close partnerships with our healthcare partners and medical fraternity, as well as community partners and grassroots organisations.

Our Design

Before even laying the foundation for the hospitals, we had sought feedback from residents in the northeast on what they would like to see in a hospital. The meaningful feedback gathered helped us to design an integrated hospital that truly addresses the needs of the community.

To create a healing environment, our hospital design harmonises the various components of an integrated hospital – comprising a general hospital, a community hospital and specialised outpatient clinics – into a seamless and unified medical campus.

Our Philosophy of Care

Partnering with the community to achieve better health, we adopted “Healthy Living. Fulfilling Life” and “Better Health Together” as our vision and mission to guide and keep us on the right path.  

To bring these to life, we have been building partnerships to promote healthier lifestyles and create greater awareness on preventive care in the northeast even before the hospital opened its doors. SKH’s many community initiatives include health forums, educational programmes in schools, screening assessments at community centres and faith-based organisations, as well as the piloting of intervention programmes in collaboration with GPs and polyclinics to proactively identify and manage frailty risks among seniors. 

Our commitment to collaboration has also spurred the integration of care services both within the hospital as well as with the larger community to help residents keep well, get well and live well. 

Our Vision 

Healthy Living. Fulfilling Life.

More than just caring for the sick, we aim to cultivate a healthy living ecosystem where residents actively participate in their own wellness so they can live life to the fullest.

Our Mission 

Better Health Together.

We work closely with our community partners to improve the quality of life in the northeast by delivering care that is: 

  • Holistic: Treating patients holistically, and not just for their illness, beyond the hospital through close partnership between our multidisciplinary care team and community healthcare partners. 
  • Informed: Staying up-to-date with medical developments, education and research so that our medical team has in-depth expertise to ensure patients get the right care and treatment. 
  • Reassuring: Taking time to listen and understand patients’ needs and concerns so that their journey to wellness is smooth and positive. 

Our Core Values 

Compassion. Integrity. Collaboration.