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Never Stop Learning

We encourage our employees to take a proactive role in learning and developing themselves for long-term professional growth. To facilitate this, we offer a wide array of learning opportunities for them to enhance their technical, functional and leadership skills.

Our goal is to develop T-shaped employees who are equipped with knowledge and skills in a specific domain area (the vertical axis of T) and transferable skills that enable them to adapt to a wide variety of work situation  (the horizontal axis of T).

Our employees' ability to grow professionally and personally is important to us and we work towards helping them reach their highest potential. 

Some of our learning and development initiatives include:

  • Foundation and leadership development programmes  
  • Professional development programmes
  • Coaching and Mentoring Scheme
  • Training sponsorship schemes
  • Overseas study trips and conferences
  • Culture building programmes

The Jönköping County Council at Sweden had set up the "Esther Network" to help their elderly meet healthcare needs through a person-centric approach. "Esther" is a symbolic person – an 88-year-old woman with complex care needs. The Network constantly seeks to answer the question, "What is best for Esther?", by putting the individual at the heart of all its work. Our staff from SKH visited Sweden to learn and discuss about how SKH can build its very own "Esther Network".