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Education Office

​The Education Office (EDO) at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) commits to ensuring quality training for undergraduate and postgraduate trainees, and practising healthcare professionals. We offer a well-rounded, stimulating learning experience by partnering with clinical departments, SingHealth Academy, the Ministry of Health (MOH), medical schools, schools for nurses and allied health professionals. Our clinical educators provide stimulating, inspiring and nurturing training experiences. 

The EDO vision is: for SKH to be the institution of choice for clinical training and healthcare education in Singapore.

Our Mission statements include:

Outstanding: to strive towards educational excellence

Well-rounded: to achieve diversity in clinical training and healthcare education

Leading: to become the champion for signature healthcare training programmes


SKH's EDO comprises of the following functional units:

  1. SKH Healthcare Professions Postgraduate Office (SHePPO)
  2. Signature Clinical Programmes Development Unit
  3. Strengthening Infrastructure (One-stop portal)
  4. Pre-Employment Clinical Training (PECT) Excellence
  5. Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee
  6. Health Professions Education (HPE) Excellence Unit 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Meet the Education Team

  • Assoc Prof Derrick Aw Chen Wee, Education Director/ Senior Consultant
  • Dr Tan Choon Chieh, Clinical Education Lead/ Associate Dean/ Senior Consultant
  • Assoc Prof Clement Yan Chee Kin, Clinical Education Lead/ Senior Principal Physiotherapist
  • Ms Low Siew Ching, Clinical Education Lead/ Assistant Director, Nursing Education
  • Ms Yew Koon Wei, Clinical Education Lead/ Principal Pharmacist
  • Dr Dong Chaoyan, Deputy Director
  • Ms Angeline Low Jeok Hoon, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Vanessa Lyz Peh Li Ying, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Hartini Binte Md Ismail, Senior Executive
  • Mr Zou Bingrong, Senior Executive
  • Ms Victoria Chew Jia Lin, Executive
  • Ms Joanne Tan Sze Teng, Senior Associate Executive
  • Ms Nur Atikah Binte Ismail, Associate Executive
  • Ms Hafizah Binte Naser, Associate Executive