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The GP Bulletin aims to provide information, highlights and clinical updates to support General Practitioners (GP) in their practice and education. View the latest bulletins below.

To receive the GP Bulletin as well as invites to future CME webinars and other updates, please contact
Ms Julian Ang at


 GP Bulletin Issue 1 (July 2020).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Clinical Perspectives of Urinary Problems in the Eldery (CME point applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 2 (September 2020).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Upper Gastrointestinal Conditions Relevant to the Modern Life (CME point applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 3 (Nov 2020).pdf
Featured CME webinar: The Many Faces of Chronic Pain Syndromes (CME points applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 4 (Jan 2020).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Diabetes Mellitus: An Overview, Management and Treatment (CME points applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 5 (May 2021).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Breathe Easy: Breezing Through Allergy and Asthma Management (CME points applicable)

 GP Bulletin Special Issue 6 (July 2021).pdf

 GP Bulletin Issue 7 (August 2021).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Managing Depression in the New Normal – A Primary Care Perspective (CME point applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 8 (October 2021).pdf
Featured CME webinar: When a Senior is Not Ageing Normally - Frailty Recognition & Management (CME point applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 9 (April 2022).pdf
Featured CME webinar: SGLT2 Inhibitors - Practical Considerations (CME point applicable)

 GP Bulletin Issue 10 (August 2022).pdf
Featured CME webinar: Hoarse Voice - When Should I Be Concerned? (CME point applicable)

GP Bulletin Issue 11 (November 2022).pdf