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Public Education

Community Health Academy (CHA)

The Community Health Academy (CHA) is a community educational outreach effort by SKH to train interested members of the public in a core set of medical knowledge and skills to:

    • Achieve a realistic and effective sense of personal empowerment in health and medical-related matters
    • Explore potentials in volunteerism in a healthcare setting and the community
    • Realise potentials in employment in a healthcare setting

      More information would be provided in due course.

Clinical Job Shadowing

Sengkang General Hospital accepts local pre-university students' applications for clinical shadowing. SKH will be running the job shadowing programme twice a year, during the school holidays. They will be given an opportunity to understand the working life of healthcare professionals and how the hospital work in multidisciplinary teams, exposure to the various other allied health professionals.

Note: For interested parties, kindly email to to find out more about the details