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Diet Advice

To allow the endoscopist to look at the bowel lining clearly, you will need to follow a low residue diet for 3 days before the procedure. You may continue to have regular portions at your meal times.

Rice and Alternatives

Allowed: White rice / porridge, white bread, plain biscuits, egg, noodles, idli, iddiyappam (putu mayam), rice cereal

Avoid: Brown rice/ porridge, wholemeal/wholegrain bread & biscuits, chapatti, oats

Meat and Alternatives

Allowed: Fish, chicken, pork, eggs, shellfish e.g. prawns, tofu, taukwa, vegetarian mock meat

Avoid: Red meat e.g. beef & mutton, tempeh, beans, lentils, nuts & seeds, yoghurt, cheese

Fruits and Vegetables

Avoid: ALL fruits and vegetables



Allowed: Water, clear soup, light coloured juice e.g. apple/pear juice, colourless soft drinks e.g. Sprite/7-Up/cream soda

Avoid: Milk, soy milk, yoghurt drinks, cream soup, malted drinks e.g. milo/horlicks, dark coloured liquids e.g. coffee/tea, grape juice, prune juice etc., red coloured liquids e.g. tomato juice