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On the Day of Procedure

  • Please register at the Endoscopy Centre
  • Your written consent will be obtained before the procedure. If it is not obtained and you are below 21 years old, a parent / legal guardian must be present to give consent.
  • The whole procedure takes between 2 to 4 hours. This includes registration, preparation, procedure, recovery and discharge.
  • Local anaesthesia (spray, gel) with or without intravenous sedation would be given. If sedation is given, your pulse rate and oxygen level would be monitored with a finger probe throughout. The doctor performing your procedure may or may not be the same doctor whom you met during consultation in the clinic.
  • During the procedure, depending on individual patient and their sensitivity to pain, you may experience discomfort, varying in intensity.
  • For your safety, movement during procedure is discouraged unless advised by the doctor. Nurses may assist to hold you to maintain your position for the scope procedure.