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Dementia - Preparing for surgery

Dementia - Post-surgery care

Dementia - Other Information

​Support for Dementia

  • NNI Cognitive Assessment Rehabilitation (CARe) Programme
    The NNI CARe Programme equips care partners with knowledge on dementia, so that they can provide support to patients. Participants share their experience and learn from the other care partners.
  • Dementia Singapore
    Formally known as Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA), Dementia Singapore specialises in serving the needs of people living with dementia and their families.

Research on Dementia

As there is still much to learn about dementia, NNI’s research team is actively involved in clinical trials and research studies that require patient participation.

Research programmes for Dementia

Your participation in research is important because it helps us:

  • Develop a cure for dementia. Current medication manages the symptoms only
  • Understand dementia in Asians. Current knowledge is based on studies on non-Asian populations and there may be variations in the biological make-up which makes disease development and treatment different
  • Get access to samples for screening.

Speak to your doctor about NNI research programmes.

Download the Dementia brochure

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