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Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki Disease - Symptoms

Kawasaki Disease - How to prevent?

Kawasaki Disease - Diagnosis

How Do I Know If My Child Has Kawasaki Disease?

There is no special test that can diagnose Kawasaki Disease. Your doctor will examine your child and make a diagnosis based on your child's signs and symptoms.

Will Any Blood Tests Be Done On My Child If Kawasaki Disease Is Suspected?

Yes. Even though there are no tests that will diagnose Kawasaki Disease, your doctor will still need to make sure that there is no other disease that could be causing the signs and symptoms.

Is Kawasaki Disease Contagious?

Kawasaki Disease is not known to spread among children through close contact.

Is Kawasaki Disease A Serious Illness?

Most children with Kawasaki Disease recover well with no problems. However, 5 - 20% of children may develop heart problems. Early treatment will reduce the risk of heart complications.

If your child develops heart problems, he may be placed on long-term medication and will require regular follow up with your doctor.

Kawasaki Disease also results in high platelet counts, which makes it easier for the blood to form clots. However, with treatment, this does not usually result in any serious problems.

Kawasaki Disease - Preparing for surgery

Kawasaki Disease - Post-surgery care

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