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Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

Purpose: This is a letter issued by insurers/company to hospitals so that upfront cash deposit by patients can be reduced during admission and/or surgeries.

Who can provide: Integrated Shield Plan (IP) insurers, Company employers. Please check with them directly prior admission (if possible) to solicit LOG.

Following the hospital discharge, you may still be required to settle your hospital bill, while your insurer assesses your claim according to your insurance coverage.

Notes to highlight:

  • For patients covered by insurance (Integrated Shield Plan insurers) for your hospitalisation expenses, please present the LOG prior to your admission.
  • For employers who are guarantor for your workers’ hospital bills, please visit here.
  • For private/foreign patients opting for A and B1 Class, you will need to submit the LOG to obtain a waiver of the upfront cash deposit required by the hospital.
  • Acceptance of LOG is subject to SKH’s discretion. If the LOG is not approved, you are required to pay the full hospital bill. In addition, if your coverage under the LOG is insufficient, you may be required to top up the difference.

Common reasons why insurers do not provide a Letter of Guarantee in specific cases

Having an IP does not mean that your insurer will always provide an LOG when you need treatment at a hospital. Your insurance coverage may differ from other policyholders, and your insurer may be unable to ascertain at the start of your treatment whether your treatment is claimable under your insurance coverage.

Some common reasons as follows:

  • Estimated bill size is below the deductible
  • Duration between policy inception and LOG application is shorter than insurer's stipulated minimum duration for LOG eligibility
  • Medical condition is a pre-existing medical condition that the policyholder had before the commencement of the policy
  • Medical condition is excluded from the policy
  • General exclusions, such as pregnancy and maternity expenses

For more information regarding LOGs and your insurance coverage, please check with your insurer.

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