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Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)

The Department of Ear Nose & Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surgery at Sengkang General Hospital specialises in the diagnosis and management of patients with a wide range of ear, nose and throat (ENT) and head and neck conditions. Specialising in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, our team of accredited physicians provides innovative and up-to-date care for various routine and complex conditions.

At SKH, patients will find access to a multidisciplinary team of ENT specialist who strives to provide the best of care to our patients and their families. The department has 10 consultants who are trained in various world-recognised centres for their specialist skills, with capabilities to provide various main sub-specialties care including head and neck cancer surgery, sinus and nose surgeries, facial surgery, ear surgeries, laryngology, as well as sleep surgery.

Our ENT surgeons manage obstructive sleep apnoea and attend to related structures of the head and neck. They also provide diagnostic evaluation for benign and cancerous conditions of the head and neck; snoring and sleep disorders; facial plastic conditions; sinus and allergy disorders; as well as voice and swallowing disorders.

Your healthcare needs are as unique as you. And you want care that meets your needs, at a location convenient for you. The SKH otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) clinic is situated at the SKH Medical Centre on Level 6, providing modern facilities for patients. We are committed to the communities we serve and are always looking for ways to educate patients on their ear, nose, throat, neck and head health in order to prevent illnesses and diseases before they arise.

If you’re experiencing ear, nose, throat, head or neck problems, make an appointment with us today. We will support you in your journey to improved health.

Clinical Services

  • Head & Neck and Thyroid Surgery
  • Rhinology / Nasal Allergy / Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Otology / Skull Base Surgery/ Hearing and Audiology
  • Facial plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Snoring / Sleep Disorders
  • Voice Clinic
  • Specialties Centres/Clinics

Head and Neck Centre

The Head and Neck Centre is dedicated to providing the best patient outcomes for treatment of head and neck cancers through collaborative management between specialists in Otolaryngology (ENT), General Surgery, Plastics Reconstructive Surgery and allied health specialists.

Sleep Disorder Unit

The Sleep Disorders Unit, as part of the Singhealth Duke NUS Sleep Centre, consists of a multidisciplinary team of ENT Surgeons, Pulmonologist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist and allied health. We are dedicated to specialised diagnosis and management of various sleep conditions. Types of Sleep Disorders treated include Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disordered Breathing & Snoring, Sleep Movement Disorders, Sleepwalking, Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation.

Centre of Hearing and Ear Implant

The Centre for Hearing and Ear Implants is committed to providing comprehensive care and support for patients with hearing disorders, through its various services, including hearing screening, audiological examinations, as well as medical interventions such as cochlear implantation.


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Conditions We Treat

The ear, nose and throat are part of the upper respiratory tract. They play an important role in helping us breathe, smell, hear, keep our balance, swallow and speak. However, infections, disorders and conditions of the sinus, tonsils and adenoids can occur and have a detrimental effect on the ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Some of the conditions that our ENT clinic treats include:

Head & Neck and Thyroid Surgery

  • Thyroid lump/ Thyroid nodules
  • Parotid lump
  • Suspicious neck lump in head and neck region
  • Tongue cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer

Rhinology / Nasal Allergy / Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Otology / Skull Base Surgery/ Hearing and Audiology

Facialplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Snoring / Sleep Disorders

Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Treatments Offered

Our team of ear, nose, throat, head and neck specialists offer a wide range of treatments that are designed and delivered to suit the individual circumstances and needs of all our patients. Some of the treatments we offer include:

Head & Neck and Thyroid Surgery

  • Fine needle aspiration
  • Biopsy
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan

Rhinology / Nasal Allergy / Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Otology / Skull Base Surgery/ Hearing and Audiology

Facialplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Snoring / Sleep Disorders

Voice and Swallowing Disorders


When should I consult with an ENT doctor?

If you or a family member have been suffering from an ear, nose or throat problem that causes an unordinary level of discomfort or dysfunction, it may be time to see an ENT specialist.

Do I need surgery for a lump in the front of my neck?

Most lumps in the front of the neck are caused by an over-active thyroid gland. Our ENT doctors will work closely with an endocrinologist to determine the underlying cause before deciding upon medical or surgical intervention.

Do you offer a treatment for snoring?

SKH ENT Surgery provides patients with treatment options for snoring based on the cause, severity and other complications. Make an appointment with our ENT specialist to discuss more about your condition and the treatments available.

Why can't I just live with my sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a very serious multi-factorial disease that is known to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, so it is a good idea to consult an ENT doctor. At SKH ENT Surgery, we specialise in both medical and surgical treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.


Our Care Team

The Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) - Head & Neck Surgery seeks to provide comprehensive clinical care to every patient with needs in the field of Otolaryngology. You can rest assured that you and your family have a dedicated team focused on providing you with the best care possible.