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Renal Coordination Service (RCS)

​The Department of Renal Coordination Service (RCS) provides personalised and comprehensive care coordination for patients from early chronic kidney disease (CKD) to late-stage CKD and transition to end-stage renal disease (ESRD), with the options of renal replacement therapy (dialysis), kidney transplant or renal conservative care. Our team of renal coordinators play a crucial role in coordinating care across different healthcare settings including outpatient dialysis centers and hospitals, ensuring smooth transitions of care across the continuum of CKD.

Renal Coordinators provide education for acute kidney injury management, CKD patients on CKD retardation and self-management techniques and treatment modality education to late-stage CKD patients who are preparing to transition to renal replacement therapies, helping them to understand their condition and treatment options.

Working closely with patient, caregivers and the multidisciplinary team, RCS aims to ensure that each patient receives appropriate treatment modalities education to identify the most suitable treatment option, education on permanent access options while minimising the use of temporary catheters and the timely coordination of care from early CKD to late-stage CKD and transition to ESRD.

Renal Coordinators continue to serve as a key support system for CKD and ESRD patients by providing holistic, patient-centered care in the optimisation of patient’s health outcomes and well-being.