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Nursing Framework

Sengkang General Hospital’s Nursing Department's philosophy, standards of clinical nursing practice, nursing policies and procedures provide the framework for the delivery of holistic, quality, and evidence-based nursing care. The Department of Nursing is founded by the dedication, commitment and team spirit of our culturally diverse pool of nurses. Together, we aim to bring our professionalism and the level of care to greater heights.  

At the heart of our model of professional nursing practice is the patient. Encapsulating our practice are the core values; namely, compassion – kindness and caring for everyone, integrity – adhering to the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour, and collaboration - respecting and working well with all others to achieve shared goals. Our practice environment reflects the values of our hospital, combining knowledge, skill and compassion to create a workforce that is caring, innovative and empowering. Based on these shared core values, SKH patients are treated holistically. Patients are informed of up-to-date expertise and management. Our nurses take the time to listen and understand patients' needs and concerns so that their journey to wellness is reassuring and positive.  

Through participation in nursing research, conferences, continuing education and overseas immersion programmes, our nurses contribute to the advancement of knowledge of nursing practice and healthcare.  

Nursing Specialities

Our team of nurses work independently and in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team to provide care and counselling to patients/caregivers. With the expansion of medical knowledge specialisation, our Advanced Practice Nurses and Speciality Nurses have taken over specific areas of patient care. They are equipped with the necessary skillset to provide specialist-nursing services, empowering patients through providing support, counselling and information. Besides being patient/caregiver educators, they also play a critical role in the development, implementation, review and evaluation of guidelines in Singapore healthcare institutions.

Career Tracks

We offer four different career progression tracks to cater to the differing aspirations, inclinations and strengths of individual nurses. Specifically, our nurses can choose either the clinical, educational, informatics or management career progression tracks.  

Nurse Clinician

Registered Nurses may aspire to be clinicians in a specialised field of nursing. Nurse Clinicians are nurses who are highly skilled in their clinical skills within their area of speciality. As a Nurse Clinician, he/she provides patient care and perform some specialised procedures.  

Nurse Educator

Nurse Educators can either work in a hospital to develop and implement educational training programmes for other nurses or become a nursing lecturer in an educational institution. Nurse educators conducts classroom and clinical teaching for all nurses. They also supervise clinical instructors in clinical teaching of trainee nurses in the healthcare institution.  

Nurse Manager

Nurse Managers manage a ward or department in the institution. They are responsible in leading and guiding a team of nurses in providing patient care. A Nurse Manager is also responsible for improving nursing standards within the department and hospital. They are entrusted with the professional and personal development of their team.  

Range of nursing specialities:

  • Breast Care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Geriatric
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Orthopaedics
  • Integrated Care – Patient Navigators
  • Rehabilitation
  • Renal
  • Urology
  • Wound and Ostomy Care


What skills does a nurse need?

Nursing can be a demanding but rewarding career path. Nurses must possess a well-rounded balance of technical and soft skills. Many specific technical skills are needed to provide high-quality care for patients and a variety of qualities, including emotional intelligence, compassion, critical thinking skills, teamwork, patience, transparent and effective communication, and the ability to be assertive when necessary.

I hear that in nursing, promotions take very long. Is that true?

Our mission is to groom nursing leaders in every rank and we actively do so at SKH. Nurses who demonstrate outstanding leadership and clinical skills are identified as future nurse leaders and placed in a nurse leader management preparation programme. In this structured program, you are mentored, supervised and trained by senior nurse leaders to assume nursing leadership positions. You will learn how to set personal and career goals, and your progress is tracked for mentoring purposes.  

How do I become a nurse at SKH?

You can visit our Careers page for more information on how to become a nurse at SKH. What sort of nursing sponsorships and scholarships does SKH offer? You can visit our sponsorships page here.