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Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our team of dedicated medical professionals play an essential role in a patient’s overall care management plan.

For your initial visit to our Psychiatry clinic, you will be first seen by a psychiatrist who makes a comprehensive assessment to arrive at a diagnosis. Your psychiatrist oversees your progress and decides on treatment which may include referrals to allied health if necessary. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications, provide counselling and therapy, and practical help for our patients. We are also able to admit patients into the hospital for stabilisation.


There are a variety of therapies available to help us better manage mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Better management can be achieved by building insight into why we feel a certain way and learning practical skills to tackle the unhelpful emotions. Your psychologist will collaboratively discuss and tailor the best therapy approach to enhance your ability to manage mood-based disorders. By doing so, we aim to help your life be more fulfilling.


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