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Helping Our Patients

Patients In Need

When you give to the SKH Better Health Fund, you will help many patients in need to access essential care when other sources of assistance are unavailable or have been utilised. Your support will alleviate their financial worries and give them strength to get well.


Many of these needy patients are seniors living alone and without family support. Most of them struggle with chronic medical conditions which affect their ability to work. Others are not independently mobile due to illness and cannot even afford a taxi ride to the hospital for medical follow-up.

Your gift will help them afford medical consumables and devices (e.g. blood pressure monitors for patients with heart disease), dietary supplements (e.g. milk feeds for cancer patients who need to maintain their weight to continue chemotherapy treatment) and transportation aid to receive medical help, among other forms of support.

Patient Care Initiatives

Your support will be key to patients experiencing better care beyond basic services and tackling community health issues so that we stay well. Your donation will help fund patient care initiatives such as community health and preventive care and holistic healing programmes.

Community Health and Preventive Care

As the population ages, we want to extend beyond caring for patients in the hospital. We seek to help the frail regain strength and integrate back into the community as well as look at population health upstream.

This may include programmes that inculcate healthy habits among the young, to initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles amongst seniors and at the workplace, in order to forestall illness.

IPPT-S is a community frailty screening programme specially aimed at identifying frailty amongst the seniors.

Muslimin Day is a first of its kind effort by SKH and the Al-Mawaddah Mosque, to 
encourage Malay men to take charge of their health and get themselves screened.

Holistic Healing

For too long, medical care has always focused on treating the physical ailments of the patient. For healing to take place, we have to look at the patient holistically from a mental and social dimension. Elevation of patient moods, providing a warm versus a cold and antiseptic environment, can all contribute to better healing.

At Sengkang General Hospital, we believe in using the arts to not only humanise the hospital but also to actively engage patients to elevate their moods, relieve their pain, as well as in motivating them to participate in self-care and keeping a positive attitude.

Mandala_20160512_Lawrence Ang_0526.jpg SKH-YSTCM Recital_2016-03-03_Photo by Lawrence Ang_6131.jpg
SKH believes that all forms of arts offer a calming, restorative and recuperative effect not only on patients, 
but also staff and members of the community. With that, the Arts in Healing programme at SKH does not 
only constitute patients being engaged in arts and crafts and staff attending lunchtime concerts, but 
also having our partners and volunteers put up performances for the patients in the wards - which 
ignites more engagement and intimacy, that often touches the hearts of patients.