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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis - How to prevent?

Allergic Rhinitis - Diagnosis

There is often a history of other allergies and sensitive skin and some people may also have asthma.

A skin prick test may be able to identify the offending allergen (substance that triggers the allergic response). It is a simple test performed in the clinic.

In a skin prick test, a small area of skin, usually on the forearm is used to test for allergies to various allergens. A small amount of allergen is then applied to the skin and the area observed for a positive reaction.

By identifying the allergen, severe or recurrent attacks can be reduced by avoiding or minimising subsequent exposure to the allergen. Common allergens include dust mites and pollen.


Allergic Rhinitis - Preparing for surgery

Allergic Rhinitis - Post-surgery care

Allergic Rhinitis - Other Information