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Financial Counselling

All patients can choose to experience Financial Counselling. Our financial counsellors will provide you with an estimated cost for hospitalisation, including information on the different financing schemes. This is to help you make well-informed choices regarding your hospitalisation.

Financial Counselling Online

You may access via HealthHub or Health Buddy with your Singpass to view financial counselling information at your convenience. The information provided includes an estimated cost of your admission. It also provides you with a breakdown of your Medisave, MediShield Life, Integrated Shield Plan coverage, and estimated cash payment.

The online financial counselling options are currently offered to SKH patients scheduled to be admitted electively, and will not be available to those who are admitted urgently from SKH Medical Centre, Emergency Department or transferred directly from other healthcare institutions.

You can also request for a change in your preferred ward type (for Inpatient only), and make online payment for deposit prior to admission. Please note that your preferred ward type is subjected to availability on the actual day of admission.

Simply follow the steps below to access via HealthHub or Health Buddy:

Letter of Guarantee

If your employer or insurance company is providing coverage for your hospitalisation expenses, please present a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) prior to your admission.
Acceptance of LOG is subject to SKH’s discretion. If the LOG is not approved, you are required to pay the full hospital bill. If your coverage under the LOG is insufficient, you may be required to top up the difference.

Financial Assistance for Singaporeans

If you require financial assistance on your medical bills, you may make an appointment with our Medical Social Workers. Your request will be kept strictly confidential.
The amount of financial assistance accorded will vary, depending on various factors such as the bill size, as well as your household’s financial circumstances.
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