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Patient Classification

You are a Subsidised Patient* if you meet ALL the requirements:

  • Are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident,
  • Are referred by either of the following;
    • Polyclinic
    • Public hospital as a subsidised patient
    • CHAS GP Clinics as a CHAS cardholder (only applicable if you are a Singapore Citizen)
  • DO NOT specify the name of specialist that you wish to see

*Please note that as a subsidised patient, you will receive team-based care led by an assigned specialist and you may not be attended to by the same doctor for every visit. Rest assured that patients will receive the same quality of care regardless of their subsidy status.


You are a Private Patient if you meet any of the requirements:

  • Are a foreign resident or non-resident of Singapore,
  • Are referred by either of the following:
    • Public hospital as a private patient
    • Private practitioner or hospital
  • Specify the name of the specialist you wish to see


To find out more about our Outpatient Specialist Clinic Consultation Charges for subsidised and private patients, click here.

For more information on the various healthcare financing schemes and subsidies available in Singapore, please visit MOH Healthcare Schemes & Subsidies.