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The pharmacy at Sengkang General Hospital enriches the lives of the community it serves by providing optimal patient outcomes through exceptional pharmacy practice, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Whether it’s in the hospital or visiting one of our outpatient clinics, our pharmacists help patients to understand the role of medication in their overall treatment plan. SKH’s pharmacists are also committed to providing patients with the relevant information on their prescribed medications, ensuring that they take their medications regularly and work with the doctors to manage their medical problems.

The department also provides medication management services to patients who have difficulties with multiple prescriptions as well as to help resolve any drug-related problems.

Upon discharge from the hospital, pharmacists will dispense and educate patients/caregivers on the proper use of their medications and things to look out for e.g., potential side effects and drug-drug/drug-food interactions. The SKH pharmacy provides the following services:

  1. Optimisation of medication therapy
  2. Medication counselling and dispensing
  3. Medication reconciliation
  4. Pharmacy-only Medicine
  5. Anticoagulation Clinic
  6. Renal Medication Management Service

Inpatient Services

Serving hospitalised patients, inpatient pharmacists play numerous roles in ensuring the safety and appropriateness of medication therapy. Every medication order for hospitalised patients is vetted through by a pharmacist prior to supply. Newly admitted patients may be interviewed by a pharmacist to ensure continuity of their usual medications while in the ward. The pharmacists also review patients' list of medications ordered daily and provide support in optimising the outcome of therapies provided.

Inpatient Discharge Pharmacy

The Inpatient Discharge Pharmacy only serves patients discharged from the wards (including short stay wards) and patients who are recovering from their endoscopy and day surgery procedures. Medications are prepared once ordered by the doctor and reviewed by a pharmacist. All discharge medications are dispensed by pharmacists who will go through any changes and counsel on new medications.

Location: Level 1, General Hospital (next to Mr Bean.) 

Opening hours: Weekdays - 9am to 8pm.

Weekends/Public Holidays - 9am to 7pm

Emergency Pharmacy

Pharmacy is open 24 hours and only serves patients discharged from the Emergency department, including patients from observation wards.

Location: Level 1, General Hospital (opposite Mr Bean, behind Medical Centre)

Outpatient Services

Patients who have medications after visiting SKH’s Specialist Outpatient Clinics located at the Medical Centre are served by outpatient pharmacists. There are Medication Management (MM) counters on most floors of Medical Centre and the pharmacists at these counters help to ensure the safety and efficacy of patients’ medications by reviewing prescriptions once ordered by the doctors. MM pharmacists provide counselling on medications, helping patients understand why they are prescribed the medications and how to take the medications. For patients familiar with their medications, these counters provide flexibility by offering them delivery or locker collection aside from self-collection at the pharmacy to obtain their medications. 

Other than MM counters, there are also clinics and services such as the anticoagulation clinic and renal medication management service run by specially-trained pharmacists in collaboration with doctors to better optimise care for patients.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The Outpatient Pharmacy serves patients primarily from SKH Medical Centre. The Outpatient Pharmacy also fills prescriptions from polyclinics, general practitioners, private hospitals and other restructured hospitals. It also provides counselling and consultation on minor ailments and the sale of pharmacy-only medication.

Details on collecting your medications from Outpatient Pharmacy

Location: Level 1, Medical Centre (opposite Heavenly Wang)

Anticoagulation Clinic

The Anticoagulation clinic provides services to outpatients by reviewing their anticoagulation orders so as to optimise therapeutic outcomes, as well as ensure patient's safety while on treatment. This service is strictly by doctor's referral only.

Location: Level 4, Medical Center

Renal Medication Management Service

This is a pre-consult medication reconciliation service that aims to obtain an accurate medication history, identify any medication issues, improve patient's understanding and compliance to their medications and also optimise their medications. This service is only available through referral for hemodialysis patients and other renal patients with complicated medication history or with potential medication issues.

Location: Level 7, Medical Center


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Where is Sengkang General Hospital’s pharmacy located?

There are 3 main pharmacies within SKH and all pharmacies are at Level 1.

Patients discharged from the Emergency Department should head to the Emergency Pharmacy opposite Mr Bean. This pharmacy is open 24-hours.

Patients discharged from the ward, recovered from day surgeries (except those done at the Medical Centre) and endoscopy procedures should head to the Inpatient Discharge Pharmacy beside Mr Bean. This pharmacy is open 9am - 8pm on weekdays and 9am - 7pm on weekends and public holidays.

Patients from Medical Centre and patients with valid physical prescriptions from private doctors, polyclinics and other hospitals may collect their medications from Outpatient Pharmacy. This pharmacy only open on weekdays from 9am – 7pm. It is closed on weekends and public holidays. SKH patients may also opt for delivery or locker collection to obtain their outpatient medications.

Why should patients know about their prescribed medications?

Knowing the details and relevant information about the medication prescribed by their doctor is essential to obtaining a good health outcome. The pharmacists at Sengkang General Hospital can help all patients with this so that patients know why they need to take their medication regularly which may be beneficial. This will also help avoid any side-effects while ensuring that patients are well informed about their health and medication.

What is the best way to contact Sengkang General Hospital?

There are a number of easy ways to contact SKH, including, email, through our App, or over the phone. You can get in touch with Sengkang General Hospital through our phone line for all general enquiries on +65 6930 5000 (24 hrs). Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.