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Connected For Better Care

From subsidised check-ups to closer health monitoring and more, the SingHealth Regional Primary Care Network (PCN) helps you and your family doctor better manage chronic illnesses.

As diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions barrel their way through Singapore's ageing population, general practitioners are in unison on one thing. They want to do more, and do better. And now, they truly can go the extra mile for patients, with help from the SingHealth Regional PCN.

TIGHT COLLABORATION The SingHealth Regional PCN is like a shot of vitamin B12 to the medical community, boosting support for doctors to provide more comprehensive care for you. The network in the Eastern and Northeastern regions of Singapore comprises 23 GP clinics affiliated to Sengkang General Hospital. These GPs are joined by primary care coordinators and allied health professionals to help you and your family keep diseases under control.


TAILORED ADVICE Nurse counsellors will be on hand to provide healthcare advice unique to your situation.


An array of medical services such as diabetic retinal photography or diabetic foot screening will be available in the community at subsidised rates.


Patients with chronic diseases will have their data entered into a registry so their medical records can be conscientiously tracked. With these records, primary care coordinators will facilitate appointments between different healthcare providers. For instance, they will remind you of follow-up appointments and make recommendations for earlier interventions if needed.


Referrals to specialists at Sengkang General Hospital will be processed more quickly and you can get direct access to certain medical services such as laboratory tests and diagnostics.


What family doctors in the Eastern and North-eastern PCN have to say about the new programme:

​"For me, it is more fulfilling to see the same patients so we can understand their conditions better. In time, they become like family to us. What's also helpful is the chronic patient registry, which we didn't keep on our own in the past. It makes disease management more systematic. For instance, if certain tests are due and not done, we can eyeball it straightaway."

Dr Rick Chan, Kingsley Family Clinic Clinical Lead for SingHealth Regional PCN

​"With better management of blood pressure and diabetes, there will be fewer complications. Patients live happier, longer lives. With the PCN now, we can call up the hospital for help in more challenging cases. It is easier to reach the relevant specialists for discussions."

Dr Choong Sheau Peng, United Medical Practitioners

​"I hope to carry out closer monitoring of and achieve better outcomes for my patients at a lower cost. Primary care guidelines have long been established by the ministry, but joining the PCN helps us achieve more for our patients. It's also great that the PCN allows for access to additional healthcare services, such as subsidised diabetic foot screening in the community."

Dr Gan Tek Kah, Street 21 Clinic (Tampines)

"The benefits of PCN extend beyond chronic illnesses. Common health issues encountered in the younger population, particularly in the northeast region, include sprains, strains, and repetitive stress injuries. They may require services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry. These services are readily available for patients at the regional hospitals."

Dr Leonard Au, My Family Clinic (Anchorvale)