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Post-Surgery Care

The post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) is an area attached to operating room suites, designed to provide care for patients recovering from general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. Patients will be transferred to the PACU where their vital signs will be monitored until they are stable enough to be transferred to the ward or discharged. Visitors are strictly not allowed in the PACU. 

As patients wake up from anaesthesia, they may experience some confusion, disorientation, or difficulty in thinking clearly. This is normal. It takes some time before the effects of anaesthesia
completely wear off.

The patient will feel drowsy for a little while after he/she wakes up from the anaesthetic. He/she may have a sore or dry throat, feel sick or have a headache. These are temporary and he/she will recover from them soon.

To help the recovery process, the patient may be given oxygen to breathe, usually by a clear plastic facemask, and encouraged to take deep breaths and to cough.

Only when the patient is fully awake and comfortable will he/she be transferred back to the room/ward or waiting area before returning home.

The patient may also experience some dizziness, blurred vision or short-term memory loss, but these will pass quickly. If he/she experiences any worrying after effects, he/she should contact his/her anaesthetist.

Common Post-anaesthesia Effects

  • Dry mouth, nausea and vomiting – In most cases, nausea does not last long and can be treated with medication. Vomiting may be a serious problem if it causes pain to surgical incisions.
  • Shivering – As the Operating Theatre may be cold, it is normal to shiver as you wake up from anaesthesia.
  • Sore throat – This is usually caused by the breathing tube placed in your airway or the drying effects of anaesthetic gases. The discomfort lasts from a few hours to a day or two. Sucking on lozenges and ice cubes may help relieve the sore throat. 

If you require further information or assistance, kindly approach any of our staff.