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Department of General Surgery

The Department of Surgery at Sengkang General Hospital consists of a dedicated and specialised team of doctors offering a wide range of surgical services for patients in both elective and emergency surgeries. We provide surgical care for both inpatient and outpatient services with full 24-hour on-site coverage for acute surgical conditions.

The Department of Surgery provides a comprehensive surgical services, including breast surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery for obesity, colorectal surgery, upper gastro-intestinal surgery, hepato-pancreatico-biliary, urology, plastics, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, surgical oncology as well as vascular and surgical endoscopy. We have a multidisciplinary team in all the various areas, drawing together dedicated surgical teams led by highly qualified consultants.

Our Department also has a strong emphasis on cancer prevention with robust screening facilities such as endoscopy and mammogram suites. We work with many other specialties, nurse practitioners and allied health staff to manage lifestyle and chronic diseases such as obesity and vascular problems related to diabetes. Operating Theatres are equipped with the latest technology, and our surgical teams are equipped to perform minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery.

The Department of Surgery has begun active programmes for the community such as PEERS (Programme for Enhanced Elderly Recovery@Sengkang) which focus on active pre-habilitation programmes for elderly patients going for elective surgery. There is active engagement with the primary care team and GPs to ensure continuity of patient care post hospitalisation and once their acute problems are resolved.

Our Department is also part of the SingHealth Academic cluster. We participate in clinical and translational research, as well as education of Duke-NUS and Yong Loo Lin NUS medical school students. Our doctors also actively provide educational forums for the public and provide training for other healthcare professionals via discussions, simulation exercises, workshops and conferences.

Our Clinical Services

The SKH Department of Surgery provides 24-hour on-site coverage for acute surgical support and manages a wide spectrum of elective and emergency surgical conditions. 

Our subspecialties:

Treatments Offered

The following list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the individual subspecialty's webpage for further information.

General Surgical Treatments

  • Hernias

  • Endoscopy

  • Lumps and bumps / skin lesions

  • Acute surgical emergencies

    • Abscesses

    • Appendicitis

    • Cholecystitis

    • Viscus perforation

    • Intestinal obstruction and perforation

    • Gastrointestinal bleeding

    • Trauma etc

Our Care Team

Chairman, Division of Surgery and Senior Consultant

  • Prof Wong Wai Keong

Head, Department of Surgery and Senior Consultant

  • Adj Assoc Prof Chew Min Hoe

Senior Consultants

  • Adj Assoc Prof Benita Tan Kiat Tee

  • Adj Assoc Prof Edward Choke Tieng Chek

  • Adj Asst Prof Lee Lui Shiong

  • Dr Jeremy Tan Tian Hui

  • Dr Tan Choon Chieh


  • Adj Asst Prof Chong Si Jack

  • Adj Asst Prof Foo Fung Joon

  • Adj Asst Prof Tang Tjun Yip

  • Dr Ho Ming Li Leonard

  • Dr Kam Juinn Huar

  • Dr Pearlie W.W Tan

  • Dr Tan Jian Hong Winson

  • Dr Tricia Kuo Li Chuen

Associate Consultants

  • Dr Jonathan Teo Shunming
  • Dr Liang Weihao
  • Dr Palaniappan Sundaram
  • Dr Sabrina Ngaserin Ng Hui Na
  • Dr Sharmini Su A Sivarajah
  • Dr Toh Bin Chet
  • Dr Tousif Kabir
  • Dr Yeung Po Man Baldwin


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