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Occupational Medicine

Contact Information
Sengkang General Hospital, Medical Centre, Level B1M
65 6930 2337
(for departmental matters only)

​At SKH Occupational Medicine, we understand the importance of a healthy workforce within an organisation. We focus on the diagnosis, management and prevention of illness, injuries and other adverse health conditions resulting from hazardous exposures in the workplace. 

Clinical Services

Occupational diseases diagnosis, investigation and management

Fitness to work and Return to Work evaluations

  • Pre-employment / Pre-placement / Employment Passes
  • Post - Work injuries/diseases/exposures, change in personal health status

Medical Surveillance
  • Statutory Medical Examinations
  • Preplacement and periodic examinations for various hazard exposures

Disability assessment

Workplace Health Risk Assessments
  • Workplace modification for injured worker     

Workplace Health Promotion
  • Corporate/Individual health screening

Travel Advisory
  • Vaccinations and chemoprophylaxis

Our Care Team

Dr Gregory Chan Chung Tsing
Visiting Consultant
Dr Jeremiah Chng
Visiting Consultant


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