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Occupational Medicine

Sengkang General Hospital, Medical Centre, Level 3
 Contact Details
Tel: 65 6930 5000

Occupational Medicine (OM) is the practice of safeguarding and promoting good health in workers. Guided by Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health 2028 Vision, our unit strives to support the creation of a healthy workforce in safe workplaces through the adherence to regulatory health requirements and good practices in workplace safety and health. 

The Sengkang General Hospital OM team believes that good management of occupational health and work-related conditions is critical in enabling employers to create a safe and healthy environment for their employees. At the same time, the workers’ welfare and well-being are being looked after. For employers, good occupational safety and health makes business sense by contributing to better worker morale, reducing health-related costs and increasing productivity. We strive to build organisational capabilities and promote forward looking practices in workplace safety and health through close partnership with our corporate clients.      

Our Philosophy

Prevention is better than cure. With the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases among working adults in Singapore, apart from managing safety and health issues at the workplace, the individual’s mental and physical health can also impact his or her performance at work.

Clinical Services

We provide customised solutions for various occupational health and safety services required in the workplace. Our clinics have comprehensive facilities to conduct fitness to work assessment, corporate health screenings, occupational and statutory medical examinations. We also support clients on their corporate health education and training programmes. To find more, you can visit here.

Fitness to work and Return to Work evaluations

  • Pre-employment / Pre-placement / Employment Passes
  • Post - Work injuries/diseases/exposures, change in personal health status

Medical Surveillance

One of the main purposes of medical surveillance is to perform regular health checks and to examine, detect and eliminate the underlying causes of an illness or condition. Medical surveillance services provided by SKH includes:

  • Statutory Medical Examinations
  • Preplacement and periodic examinations for various hazard exposures

Disability assessment

Disability assessments determine the nature and severity of a person's physical or mental limitations. SKH uses these assessments in occupational context to determine how a worker's disability would impact their ability to perform a specific motor task that could be related to their jobs.

Workplace Health Risk Assessments

A core component of occupational medicine is assessing a workplace environment for potential health and safety hazards. Based on a worker’s age, condition and physical and mental limitations, a workplace may be modified to allow that worker to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner, to prevent them from sustaining injury at work.

  • Workplace modification for injured worker

Workplace Health Promotion

The workplace is where most adults spend a majority of their day at, and therefore a key setting for health promotion. Companies and organisations can have a positive influence on their worker’s health, through creating the right type of working environment. 

We provide clients with the expertise and clinical resources they need to ensure that they provide a health promoting environment for their workers in work in. Some examples include workplace assessments, analysis of workers health profile and sickness absence data, obesity prevention and weight management, chronic disease management, developing occupational health programmes etc.


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Can your doctor recommend me to a specialist for further treatment if the need arise?

Yes, we have a team of specialist doctors treating various medical conditions in our hospital. We will be able to make referral to one of our specialists according to your medical condition.

Where is our Occupational Medicine clinic located?

Our Occupational Medicine clinic is located at Sengkang Medical Centre, on Level 3.


Our Care Team

Our team of specialists are experienced and committed to providing patients a high level of medical care that puts our patients’ minds at ease while receiving treatment. They will assess the patient and take into account their job scope, industry and medical condition. When required, our patients will also be co-managed by other specialists within Sengkang General Hospital as part of holistic care. Thereafter, we will provide recommendations to the organisation concerning the individual’s fitness to work, as well as any changes or modifications to job scope necessary.

Dr Joshua Wong
Dr Gregory Chan Chung Tsing
Visiting Senior Consultant