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The Blossoming Dedication: Vanda SKH

The exquisite Vanda Sengkang General Hospital (Vanda SKH) orchid celebrates the significant milestone of SKH's 5th anniversary with its elegance and grace.

A delicate floral bloom, Vanda SKH exhibits gracefully rounded golden yellow petals with finely speckled reddish brown spots. This unique orchid hybrid marks not just the flourishing growth of the hospital since our official opening in 2019 but also our deep-rooted values in providing holistic, informed and reassuring care to the northeast community.

Its vibrant colours symbolise our dedication to vitality and progress while the hybrid nature signifies our collaboration efforts within and outside hospital walls, uniting staff, patients, and community partners to achieve better health outcomes collectively.

Truly representing the hospital's mission and values through its captivating blend of colours and form, Vanda SKH serves as a living testament to our continuing pursuit of excellence in healthcare.