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Healthcare Humanity Awards 2020

The Healthcare Humanity Awards are given out to outstanding healthcare professionals who are inspirational role models exemplifying the values of courage, extraordinary dedication, selflessness, steadfastness in ethics, compassion, and humanity. 

Our heartiest congratulations to our four exceptional staff who received the Healthcare Humanity Awards 2020 . These individuals have displayed compassion and tenacity in their endeavours to serve others.

Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2020​

Congratulations to Principal Enrolled Nurse, Ms Yew Xueling for clinching third place of the prestigious Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses 2020!

 As a young girl, Ms Yew was often unwell and visited the hospital regularly. She was always in awe of the nurses’ burst of energy when caring for patients. The reassuring warm smiles of the nurses made a difference to her anxious self and was her constant source of comfort during procedures.

“I am a nurse today because these nurses inspired me to lead a life of helping others who are suffering. It could be as simple as holding their hand, taking that extra time to listen to their concerns and fears, and providing comfort and support in their weakest moments.”

Ms Yew is recognised for providing immediate help to COVID-19 patients and keeping a close watch over her fellow nurses when they geared up to fight the pandemic. She has over 17 years of experience working as a nurse. Working at the Orthopaedic ward, she also takes time out to mentor new nurses, showing them the ropes, and teaching them the importance of patient care. She also advocates for her patients by being their voice to convey their concerns and fears to the doctors.

Nurses' Merit Award 2020​

Our heartiest congratulations to nurses who received the Nurses' Merit Award 2020!

The Nurses' Merit Award is given by the Ministry of Health to nurses who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding performance for the past three years, participated in professional development, and have made contributions to promote the nursing profession.