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Skoop is a Health and Wellness publication brought to you by Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) with up-to-date healthcare information backed by accredited healthcare professionals. Since opening our doors, we have renewed our focus on delivering better care services to our community. In line with this vision, we have refreshed the design of Skoop to include a new masthead, restructured story formats and used bolder images in a snazzier layout. Even with these improvements, our goal remains the same: to give you the insider’s view with stories that are a little unexpected and with deeper insights to help you better understand and take charge of your health.

We hope you will enjoy our publications. If you have suggestions on how we can make Skoop more interesting and relevant for you, do write in at We would love to hear from you.

Hospital Overview

Issue 8

In this issue, we help you understand what is pain and how to manage it. We also put the spotlight on health matters like vaccines, muscle loss, gout, and how we should not underestimate dengue. If you are a parent, find out what you can do to reduce parental stress. We also take a look at what are some non-emergency conditions that your GPs can treat. Last but not least, get some eco-friendly cleaning tips for your home!

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Our Story

Issue 7

In issue 7, learn when to get help and how to support someone with these conditions. You will find out the different approaches Sengkang General Hospital uses to heal patients. Also, we shed light on how clean we should be, the myths on preventing infections among children and what you should know about immune systems. With all that’s happening in the world, more are taking up new hobbies too – like home gardening! Think you don’t have a green thumb? Let us weed out the gardening myths!

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Key Milestones

Issue 6

Trying to reverse obesity is difficult but not impossible. Our doctors weigh in on the truth about obesity, as well as whether bariatric surgery is suitable for you. Learn the ways of eating right when you dine out and how to make the SWITCH to healthier weight. Plus, we share tips that will save you and your child unnecessary visits to the emergency department as well as provide the low-down on medical reports. These – and much more – in issue 6!


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