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​​Skoop is a health and wellness publication brought to you by Sengkang General Hospital with up-to-date healthcare information backed by accredited healthcare professionals. We hope you will enjoy our articles. 

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Patient Care

Issue 11

In this issue, learn the signs of long COVID and how to manage post-infection symptoms, discover ways to manage hair loss, get tips to eating healthy while saving money, learn how to protect yourself from phishing scams, read up about end-of-life care and patient stories from breast cancer survivors.
Patient Care

Issue 10

In Singapore, men live five years shorter than women on average. Why is this the case? It could be that men are reluctant to seek help when they become ill. But, here’s why they should change, and how loved ones can assist. Also, in this issue, we look at intermittent fasting, footwear no-nos, and abdominal issues like bloating. We also share insights on screen time for children, and the benefits of telemedicine.
Patient Care

Issue 9

People often do not know that they have osteoporosis until their bones become weak and break after a fall or injury. We discuss bone health and the ways to keep brittle bones at bay. Plus, learn the dangers of crushing certain medications, sleep apnoea, and more. Get tips on talking about weight with your child, and learn how to incorporate plant-based foods into your meals for a healthier, greener lifestyle.
Patient Care

Issue 8

We help you understand what is pain and how to manage it. We also put the spotlight on vaccines, muscle loss, gout, and dengue. If you are a parent, find out what you can do to reduce parental stress. Also, we take a look at what are some non-emergency conditions that your GP can easily treat. Last but not least, get some eco-friendly cleaning tips for your home!