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Change of Ward Type Accommodation


Change of Ward Type will take effect from the date of physical transfer to new Ward, and not date of application approval.

During your stay, you can request to switch to a higher or lower ward type subject to bed availability. 

Upgrading Ward Type

Patients who request to upgrade to non-subsidised ward type is required to make a deposit payment.

  • The higher standard daily ward fees will apply from the day of transfer.

  • All other services, including pre-admission services and daily treatment fees will be recomputed and charged based on the higher rate, retrospectively from the date of admission.


Downgrading Ward Type

Patients who wish to downgrade from non-subsidised (A, B1) to subsidised (B2, C) ward type will need to be financially assessed for eligibility. Relevant income-related financial documents are required for the financial assessment.

  • The standard daily ward fees and all services charged before downgrade remain unchanged.

  • The lower ward rate applies from the date of successful transfer.  

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