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Abdominal Hernia (Ventral Hernia)

Abdominal Hernia (Ventral Hernia) - What it is

Hernia is the protrusion of abdominal contents (fat or intestines) through a weakness in the abdominal wall muscles, which present as a swelling over the abdominal wall. There are several types of hernia but the most common is the inguinal (groin) hernia. When a hernia occurs in another part of the abdominal wall other than the groin, it is called a ventral hernia. When a hernia is related to a previous surgical incisional scar, it is also called an incisional hernia.

How common is it?

Approximately 6% of all men will develop an inguinal hernia. Although a lot rarer in women, it is still the most common type of groin hernia in women. It can occur on either the right or the left side or less commonly, on both sides. Hernia can develop in all age groups: during childhood, in adults and in the elderly. Ventral and incisional hernias are less common compared to inguinal hernias. The most common type is the paraumbilical hernia where the weakness in the abdominal wall is just beside the belly button.

Abdominal Hernia (Ventral Hernia) - Other Information

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