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Psoriatic Arthritis - How to prevent?

​Although scientists are not certain about the exact cause of PsA, one can prevent the disabilities caused by PsA through early diagnosis and treatment. If you have psoriasis and are now experiencing joint pain and aches, please seek advice from a rheumatologist. Smoking and obesity may be some of the triggering factors for PsA. Quitting smoking and controlling healthy body weight are always advisable.

PsA can be under good control with long term medication in majority of the patients. A healthy balanced diet and moderate regular exercise are also helpful in preventing complications. PsA will cripple a patient if the diagnosis is delayed or if the patient does not abide by his prescribed medications.

Psoriatic Arthritis - Preparing for surgery

Psoriatic Arthritis - Post-surgery care

Psoriatic Arthritis - Other Information