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Our Care Team

​Geriatric Psychiatrist

  • Assesses and monitors your overall psychological and physical well-being throughout the programme
  • Monitor your response to prescribed medications
  • Helps you to understand the lnk between physical and mental health

Psychologist (4 face-to-face sessions and 1 phone call)

  • Provides a safe and supportive environment for you to talk openly
  • Helps you understand the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that keep you from living your best
  • Shares nwith you new strategies and skills to better cope with challenges that you currently face and that may arise in the future

Medical Social Worker (1 face-to-face session and 1 phone call)

  • Works with you and your loved ones to tackle social challenges that may come with ageing
  • Helps you focus on building upon your social relationships
  • Helps you gain confidence in navigating community resources