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Volunteer with SKH

Volunteer with Us

At Sengkang General Hospital, our physicians, employees, and volunteers are all dedicated to serving the needs of our community. Our aim is to provide outstanding care to every patient and to help us deliver it, we are always striving to attract dynamic and dedicated individuals to join us as volunteers in our programmes.

These are exciting times to consider joining our hospital as a volunteer. Many of our volunteers are keen to pursue careers in the healthcare sector, while some others want to give back to the community. The range of opportunities are expanding and volunteers with limited time can also participate in upcoming projects and events.

What do our volunteers do?

Volunteers are a valuable part of our hospital's operations, working alongside our healthcare workers to care for our residents, both in the hospital as well as out in the community.
We believe that, by empowering members of the public to support each other's health, we can help build a stronger community of care.

When you volunteer with SKH, you are part of a bigger SingHealth family, and you are also our healthcare ambassador in the neighbourhood where you live and work.
Do check out the opportunities listed below and contact us if you have any questions!


                        Inbound - Helpinghands @ Mealtimes 

Our helpinghands@mealtimes volunteers serve in our inpatient wards by:

  • Assisting to feed patients (selected patients not on therapeutic diet consistency)
  • Serving meals and clearing food trays


Choose preferred timings:

  • Breafast: 8am
  • Lunch: 1130am
  • Dinner: 5pm

                                   Inbound - Patient Sitters

Our Patient Sitters serve in our inpatient wards by:

  • Attending to call bells
  • Engage and talk to patients
  • Serve patient milo/ biscuit/ meals
  • Assist Health Care Assistants with topping up of supplies in clinical area



Mon – Sun, any two (2) hours slot


                                      Inbound - Night Watcher 

Our Night Watchers serve in our inpatient wards by:

  • Keeping a lookout for fall risk patients attempting to get out of bed throughout the night

Mon – Sun (9 pm - 12 am or 4am - 7 am)


                                   Outbound - Telehealth

Our Telehealth volunteers serve patients both at Community Nursing Posts (Centre-based) and Patient's Homes (Home-based) by:

  • Assisting the patient to use Zoom to consult the nurse
  • Taking and sharing the vital signs of patients with the nurses (i.e, temperature, oxygen level, blood pressure)

Volunteer with Us