Foot Corn Prevention: Wear Good Footwear, Insoles | Sengkang General Hospital
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Foot Corn and Callus

Foot Corn and Callus - Symptoms

Foot Corn and Callus - How to prevent?

To prevent foot corn,

  • Tight or incorrectly fitting shoes are considered to be a common cause for foot corn and callus. Accordingly, wearing good footwear with sufficient width and depth as well as an adjustable strap may help to reduce any rubbing or friction on your feet and skin.
  • Insoles may be manufactured by your podiatrist if the painful foot corn or callus isn’t resolved via regular paring down with a scalpel. Insoles can be used to remove or redistribute the excessive pressure points.

Foot Corn and Callus - Causes and Risk Factors

Foot Corn and Callus - Preparing for surgery

Foot Corn and Callus - Post-surgery care

Foot Corn and Callus - Other Information

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