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Who Can Be My Voice

Imagine getting into an accident or having a serious medical condition which results in you being unable to communicate. Who would be able to voice your decisions for you? Would they know your wishes and what you truly hope for?

Plan ahead. Let your loved ones or significant others know your wishes and how you want to be cared for when you are unable to communicate.

Choosing a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS) who can be your voice, is another key step in the ACP process.

An NHS is a person who:
  • Understands you well
  • Knows your concerns and would honour your wishes
  • Is willing to be your voice
  • Can communicate your preferred care wishes to the healthcare team
  • Can manage stressful situations


When your ACP conversations are documented, it becomes an accessible and essential reference in guiding your healthcare providers in making healthcare decisions for you.

Yourself, your NHS and/or other significant others are strongly encouraged to retain a copy of your ACP document for such reference, if necessary.

ACP is a lifelong journey and if desired, can be reviewed as an ongoing process. As such, the ACP document can be duly revised as needed.